History is written – by you.
We believe the future is written by entrepreneurs, not predicted by investors. We align with and empower exceptional founders with deep domain expertise; with a clear vision focused on hitting targets others cannot conceive; with the authenticity and audacity to express themselves and pursue their life's works. Misfits and rebels – the ones who will change the world.

We are decisive and focus on seed investing, by choice. We invest in enterprise and B2B software companies disrupting large existing markets, and in breakthrough technology companies revolutionizing the way we live and creating new markets. Like our founders, we make exceptions to the rules when we need to.  

The future will be written in code and in codons. A brighter one will be written by you. Write that story with us.
Fundraising 101

The most common advice we find ourselves giving is on fundraising.

Got Moats?

Everyone talks about moats, but not everyone understands them. Jerry Neumann breaks it down with a clear, thorough taxonomy of moats.

Pitching 101

Legendary investor Vinod Khosla explains how founders should present their companies and stories to venture capitalists.